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Sep 23 2011

The last few months, the cribnote version.

Published by Mark at 8:30 pm under Life

I’ve been seriously lacking in my blog entries. Being on staff at a large online forum, as well as a particularly hectic summer of RV’ing, vacations, and work has made for a lack of time to really sit down and make any detailed entries here.

So, here’s the crib note version of the last few months.

- No flying since my last blog entry on the topic. I still miss it, but saw some powered paragliders in Maine that piqued my interest in perhaps looking into that option. The per-hour cost is surely but a small fraction of certified flight.

- Busy at work. Sometimes too busy. Frustrating at times.

- I came off my diet around May after loosing a grand total of 60 pounds. I’ve since put about 10 back on after a carefree and enjoyable summer, but want to clamp down again soon and take that (plus another 20 or so) off as well. Having a hard time getting motivated again, and working long hours is not helping.

- Our vacation this year took us camping in NJ/New York City, Boston, Bar Harbor Maine, and lots of places in between. We camped through the east coast earthquake (in Manhattan when it hit), and Hurricane Irene which went over top of us in Connecticut.

- My Windfields Farm pet project (see here if you’ve missed my posts on it) got some very big mainstream media attention. Unfortunately all of this happened while we were on vacation so I missed the opportunity to take the best possible advantage of it, and I haven’t had time to leverage it any further since then, but it DID get some very important action taken on the property. More details to come.

- We’ve booked another vacation in November on the worlds largest cruise ship, the Allure Of the Seas. This is the first cruise for all 4 of us and we can’t wait.

I’ll be making a flurry of blog entries in the coming days catching up in a little more detail on all these subjects, so stay tuned.

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  1. Triciaon 11 Oct 2011 at 2:48 am

    good luck on your weight loss goals and your plans

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