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Sep 02 2007

Campgrounds = Party Time?

Published by Mark at 11:05 pm under Camping, Frustration, Idiocy, Uncategorized

As I type this we are relaxing in bed in our RV in Kitchener, Ontario.

The campsite we are in is half campsite, half waterpark attraction. Expectedly, it attracts the younger crowds, as well as a large mix of families with children.

We’re here for one last blast on the long weekend before the fall routine starts and the kids go back to school.

What irks me right at this moment is the fact that I’m noticing more and more (as our experiences stretch from one campsite to another) that camping, for some, has gone from a relaxing opportunity to get back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors, to an excuse to get drunk, whoop it up, and generally act like collosal assholes all day long, and into the evening and overnight hours.

If people want to do this at home, then all the power to them, but to come to a campground where lots of others are trying to enjoy the camping experience instead of the “drunken frat party” experience is rather rude.

I don’t expect everyone to be silent and not have any fun, but the following examples are the sort of things that are getting on my nerves from various camping experiences this summer:

1/ Sharing your loud and annoying music all day long with everyone in the 25 campsites either side of you is rude, expecially if you insist on doing so via your car stereo which puts out enough bass to rattle everyones RV’s windows. Enjoy your music on your own site, but please set it at a level where your not annoying everyone or forcing them to share in your sometimes questionable choice of music.

2/ Please leave your dog at home if it is incapable of not barking for more then 3 seconds at a time, and when it takes a crap somewhere, clean it up so a fellow camper doesn’t subsequently step in it.

3/ Listening to you drive through the campsite (at twice the speed limit, at that) in your obnoxiously loud cars while hanging out the window screaming “Woooooooooooooo!” at everyone you pass gets tiring fast.

4/ The most basic sense of camground etiquite - quiet at 11PM. Is that too much to ask? For the record, its now almost midnight and our neighbours rap music is still playing, and I can still hear the loud discussion (over the music) through the walls of our RV.

5/ Other peoples campsites are not shortcuts to your own. We don’t want you tripping over our legs while we sit around our fire simply because you can save 10 steps by running through our site to get to your own instead of using the pedestrian paths.

6/ If your grasp of the english language is so tiny that you require an expletive to be part of every sentence, then please look around to see if any children are around before opening your mouth. Either that, or try forming a sentence without an expletive, stupid.

I was born into a family of avid campers, and I’ve been camping myself for over 20 years, both on campsites where we had to hike in, and campsites where your sharing the grounds with many neighbours.

In all situations, I enjoy camping for the quiet retreat. When camping in an organized camground I always act with my neighbours in mind, and hope they do the same. It used to work out well that way, for the most part.

Unfortunately it appears that at some camgrounds the screaming obnoxious immature clowns are becoming more prevalent.

Sadly it seems that it unlike years passed where you could almost always count on the obnoxious campers to be of highschool or college age, they are increasingly more often grown adults based on our observations this year. I’m shocked to see some grown adults acting like school children at the campsite we are currently at.

Despite never having run afoul of them personally, I used to think that many campgrounds had overly strict rules, often enforced by overzealous wardens - but I’m starting to understand the reasoning now.

Fortunately many campsites are now weeding these sorts of people out at the gates, or agressively enforcing rules to the point of evicting the troublemakers, but at the campsites where they let these sorts in simply to fill the sites and maximize their profits, I can’t say that its not ruining it for many others who aren’t visiting with the sole intention of getting smashed for 3 days straight.

7 Responses to “Campgrounds = Party Time?”

  1. Paul Tomblinon 03 Sep 2007 at 7:11 am

    I know that Ontario made some parks “dry” on Victoria Day weekend - didn’t they do the same for Labour Day as well?

    I remember the first time I car camped in Algonquin Park on May “two-four” weekend. That was quite a surprise to find this normally quiet park turned into an outdoor frat house.

  2. Robon 03 Sep 2007 at 7:12 am


    Sounds to me like management needs to crack down.

    We too like camping, the place you describe would drive me over the edge. Those people would be told to leave after about ten minutes at many of the camping facilities here on the island.

  3. Markon 03 Sep 2007 at 10:02 pm

    Paul: The Ontario Provincial Parks are still dry on the 2-4 weekend, although I think that’s the only long weekend they enforce that. That said, they wouldn’t tolerate the idiocy that happened at the campground we were at - the Provincial Parks actually do enforce the rules on a shoot-first, ask questions later approach.

    Rob: Lots of parks we’ve been to were indeed well run, but this one in particular could have used some increased presence to minimize the troublemakers. The long weekend surely exacerbated the issue, but it did make what would otherwise be a nice quiet evening around a campfire a lesson in “who’s annoying music is going to get louder next” instead.

  4. megon 19 Jul 2010 at 1:12 pm

    you’re an idiot. straight up.
    Camping at PROVINCIAL PARKS, is where you go to experience the tranquil and relaxing camping experience you are talking about — OR — Family parks.
    Why is it not okay for a few friends to get together and not go to bed at 11pm??
    If you want a relaxing place where no one bothers you - go somewhere like Algonquin where there are strict no partying, no alcohol rules. Or go into the forest where there’s absolutely no one but you and nature.
    I had to comment on this, simply because it’s laughable how stuck up some people are. Are young adults and teens not supposed to go away and enjoy themselves ANYWHERE anymore? I say this because myself and a group of friends are searching for campsites that don’t have such rediculous rules and fees, where they accept that not everyone who likes the outdoors is a family or in it to get in touch with nature. SOMETIMES people want a simple getaway from their everyday homes, and dance clubs/ bar scenes on the weekend, but we’d still like to enjoy ourselves too.
    People LIKE YOU! Are the reason campsites are so rediculously expensive - since as you say they should limit the campers to only those suitable by your standards. AND why they are “cracking down” so hard on people who are simply there to have a good time.
    You disgust me. Go in the wilderness for real next time if you love it so much and save the partying for us.

  5. Markon 19 Jul 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Meg, with all due respect, if you think ANY of my points from this post were off base, then chances are you’re amongst the offender crowd and are one of the idiots I speak of.

    Perhaps in 20 years you’ll understand how big of a jerk you are being if you think everything I wrote about is acceptable under the guise of it being a “get together”.

    Being a young person who wants to have fun while camping is fine - I was once that myself, however I was not a total self absorbed asshole with a “screw everyone else” attitude who ruined things for others while I was doing it.

  6. Timon 14 Jun 2012 at 8:51 pm


    To be honest, I disagree with your policies entirely. What I choose to do as a person camping is my own business. Freedom to choose is a beautiful thing.

    One major issue here is there is nothing constructive came out of all this. For instance, where should someone who wants to party all night to camping? It’s true that a lot of people think camping is something worth celebrating! Although… rap? I feel your pain on that.

  7. Markon 14 Jun 2012 at 9:03 pm

    Perhaps instead of insisting that those of us who would like a quiet enjoyable weekend away need “go into the woods”, it’s those who want to party and act out all weekend who should do so instead.

    A few kilometers either side of nobody, and I assure you that you’re not going to get any complaints from anyone.

    Go to ANY park where 95% of the people there are interested in camping, not partying, and you’re guaranteed to piss off the greater majority of those around you.

    The majority should not have to change their ways (while camping within the guidelines of almost any campground out there) to accomodate those who feel they need not follow them under the guise of “my own business”.

    If you don’t like the rules, fine - go into the woods as suggested. Have a ball. Do whatever you want. Nobody will complain. That said, come to a park…follow the rules, or get out. Nuff said.

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