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Information Echo » Back in the saddle?

Dec 12 2008

Back in the saddle?

Published by Mark at 8:52 pm under Life, Reflection

No, not from an aviation perspective..not yet anyways.

Horses, instead.

After several stints at various hobbies including soccer and ballet, my daughter started taking horseback lessons this summer. This was brought on by her experience this summer in Squamish British Columbia during our RV Adventure to the west coast. The “bug” bit her hard after her experience riding there, so we decided to see if she enjoyed lessons.

And wow, she’s done spectacular, having done her first solo canter (The horsemanship equivalent of “Taking off the training wheels”) during this past Tuesday’s lesson.

The only negative (Well, positive, I guess) is that the bug has bitten me as well. I used to ride recreationally on occasion, although I was hardly an expert by any means. I’ve rode a few times on and off over the last decade, but only in trail-ride situations with what can only be described as “Auto-Pilot” horses that are trained to stay in line and basically ignore all cues from the rider.

A few weeks ago I was back on a real (read as: actually responsive) horse again, and it felt great. So, a few weeks from now, I’m toying with taking a lesson after my daughters and seeing exactly how rusty I really am.

Spending so much time around horses again has reminded me of how much fun it is and what great creatures they are.

Why do I see this new hobby transitioning to something very expensive in our future?

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